Special guest: Cary Nord!

Self-taught artist Cary Nord caught the attention of Marvel editors with his original artwork in the mid-90s. He has since gone on to illustrate series runs on Daredevil and Mutant X. He may be best known for his revitalization of Robert E. Howard’s pulp fiction Cimmerian barbarian, Conan, with Kurt Busiek writing, for Dark Horse. [...]

Special guest: Scott Kowalchuk!

Scott Kowalchuk is co-creator of the acclaimed series The Intrepids (Image Comics). Below is an excerpt from FFWD’s article on the subject:

The Intrepids is a retro-style tale about a band of orphans who set out to counter the threat of mad scientists under the tutelage of an aging inventor whose inventions give the scientists enhanced [...]

Special guest: Riley Rossmo!

Riley Rossmo is an artist for Marvel’s Daken – Dark Wolverine along with Matteo Buffagni. This is his first title with Marvel.

Riley has made a name for himself with the mysterious creatures of folk mythology in Proof, written by co-creator Alex Grecian, and Multiple Personality Disorder counter-intelligence agents called Triplets in Cowboy Ninja Viking, written [...]

Special guests: Quickdraw Animation Society!

Quickdraw Animation Society aims to surprise and delight audiences at Calgary Comic and Toy Expo by screening the very best, locally crafted, hyper-colourful and super flashy 8-bit animations! Created during Quickdraw’s annual “48 Hour Lockdown,” (an event where teams are designated 48 hours to construct a complete animation), the 8-bit animations will be preceded by [...]

Special guests: Canadian Pickers!

Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens, stars of Canadian Pickers, will be attending the 2011 show, to buy collections and give out free autographs.

Just added a face painter for the kids

Amanda Tozser:
Kids get in free, and its only $5 for a professional face paint!