Special guest: Scott Kowalchuk!

Scott Kowalchuk is co-creator of the acclaimed series The Intrepids (Image Comics). Below is an excerpt from FFWD’s article on the subject:

The Intrepids is a retro-style tale about a band of orphans who set out to counter the threat of mad scientists under the tutelage of an aging inventor whose inventions give the scientists enhanced powers. The series is a throwback to the freewheeling adventure comics of the ’60s, and Kowalchuk’s illustrations evoke that era brilliantly.

The first issue sold out within its first week on newsstands in March 2010 and it was quickly sent to the printers for another run. It has received favourable reviews from many leading comic sites, in addition to a profile in USA Today.

The Intrepids #6 comes out today (August 24).

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