Special guest: Dario Carrasco!

Dario was a Penciller for Marvel Comics in the early 90s on the following titles: Alpha Flight #125-130, Northstar mini-series, Night Thrasher #21-22, Captain America #432, What If? #67-68, Nova #12-13, The Marvel Action Hour: Iron Man and Pinhead mini-series from Epic Comics. In 1994 through 1998, Dario penciled the following titles: Star Wars Tales [...]

The artists' alley is full!

Don’t despair though … if you are a comic artist and still want a table, you can purchase one. Details are here. We have tables for dealers too!

Will be posting information about all the artists over the coming weeks – stay tuned!

Photo used under creative commons from Jurischk.

Guest of honor 2012: Tom Bagley

Tom Bagley is an illustrator, musician and instructor born and raised in Calgary. After a few early childhood years spent in Edmonton and Toronto, he has resided here since 1974.

Tom has been working professionally since 1988, when he graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Having latched onto lifelong interests in dinosaurs, monsters [...]

September 16, 2012: our next expo

It’s going to be our best yet! Dealers: if you had a table last year, you have 30 days (until the end of May) to confirm your booking for this year. Please call us at 403-246-1706, or email us using this form.

We are expanding our artists’ alley: there will be 20 artists (10 tables). If [...]