Special guest of honour: Fiona Staples

Fiona Staples is a Canadian artist known both for her covers, which earned her a Joe Shuster award in 2011, and interior artwork. She’s dabbled in everything from horror to superheroes, illustrating series such as Mystery Society and the Eisner-nominated North 40, and covers for Superman/Batman, DV8, and T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. She’s currently working on the [...]

Artists' alley guest #6: Curt Pires

Curt Pires Is the creator/writer behind Monkeybrain comics’ Theramin, as well as the critically acclaimed self-published/distributed LP which was featured on Comics Bulletin’s “Top 10 Single Issues of 2012”. Named one of Multiversity comics “Creators To Watch in 2013”, he is hard at work on numerous projects.

Artists' alley guest #5: Ryan Ferrier

Ryan Ferrier is a Calgarian comic book writer and letterer, most known for his Tiger Lawyer and The Brothers James mini-series. In 2012 he launched Challenger Comics, a publishing imprint and comics collective, and found himself among Multiversity’s “Creators to Watch in 2013″ list. Recently, he released Ultranova—with fellow Calgarian Chris Peterson—as well as his [...]

Artists' alley guest #4: G Gerald Garcia

Born under the tropical sun of the Philippines, Gerald immigrated to Canada as a young boy with his family and adapted to the culture and changing seasons.
He took inspiration from nature, movies, television, literature, poetry and comic books.
Art exploration began at an early age, starting with many doodles in school work books.
A formal education followed [...]

Artists' alley guest #3: Jillian Fleck

Jillian Fleck is a comic artist who graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2012. Her comics have been published in collective zine projects such as Be/Longing and Every/Body, as well as curated into many fantastic art shows and blogs. At present she is focusing on a graphic novel and other short [...]

Artists' alley guest #2: Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson hails from the cold climate of Calgary, Alberta having self-published many comics over the years – one of which earned him a nomination for the Gene Day Award for Self Publishing. His latest professional work has been Dragons vs Dinosaurs from Arcana, Ultranova from Challenger Comics and a two issue story Bee Vixens [...]

Artists' alley guest #1: Nic Greasy

Nic Greasy is a Calgarian illustrator and musician. Her comics are inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, slapstick humour, and medium-core pornography. Influences vary from Ren & Stimpy to to Ero Guro to Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy. Her themes focus on absurd alien adventures and cartoon mishaps, and all of the comics are handmade by the author. Greasy’s [...]

Special guest: Travis Sengaus

Travis is a comic book artist based out of Calgary, his first work was Savage Dragon #122 as a back-up story. In 2007 he was hired to do Adventures of Spawn by Mcfarlane Entertainment. He is now in the throes of creating his own intellectual properties Big Hitters,  Dreaded Fist and Reverse the Curse. Check [...]

Special guest: Jorden Oliwa

Jorden Oliwa aka Johnny Gonzo is canadian artist/animator/storyteller/ who is a creator of timeless characters and stories in the form of animation, graphic novels and illustrations. Jorden loves to draw….Ink, paper, pencil, paint, pixels, it doesn’t matter. Pushing boundaries, remix it digitally with photos, 2d, 3d, music, poetry and any other kind of art to [...]

Special guest: Nic Greasy

Nic Greasy is an illustrator, musician and archaeologist. Born in the murder capital of Canada, she had a normal murder-free upbringing before moving to Calgary to pursue grave digging. Greasy has been making comics for roughly 4 years after being inspired by Chester Brown’s Ed the Happy Clown comic.

Her work is inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, [...]