Artists tables are filled

However, closer to the show we will try to add some more tables. Email us to be put on the waiting list.

Save the date!

The date has been set for 2014! The Expo will take place at the Red & White Club on Sunday September 14, 2014.

Note: Tables are sold out already. A waiting list is available. Contact us if you’d like to be added to the waiting list.

Attention local artists: You may qualify for a FREE TABLE. Email us a link to your portfolio, along with your contact information. Preference will be given to artists working in comics, but all will be considered. A limited number of tables are available, so apply soon.

Costume contest overview

Participants in the costume contest will need to be registered at the registration table 30 minutes before your contest begins, and in costume 15 minutes before your contest begins. The contest begins at noon for 12 & under, and 2 pm for 13 & over. Judges will be selected from show organizers, vendors, and artists. You can enter as a single or a team, but not both. In the 12 & under contest, everyone gets a prize! In the 13 & over contest, prizes are usually for first, second and third place, and are announced on the day of the show.

Prizes for this year (13 & over):

  • Ken Poole from the Calgary Expo has donated 2 passes for next years show
  • Patti Falconer Agencies has donated a professional photos shoot and free representation for one year
  • Phoenix Comics has donated gift certificates from the SW store
  • Plus more … its gonna be the most prizes ever this year, so get your cosplay on!

artist alley guest #15 Dario Carraso

Dario Carrasco Jr. was a Penciller for Marvel Comics in the early 90s on the following titles: Alpha Flight #125-130, Northstar mini-series, Night Thrasher #21-22, Captain America #432, What If? #67-68, Nova #12-13, The Marvel Action Hour: Iron Man and Pinhead mini-series from Epic Comics. In 1994 through 1998, Dario penciled the following titles: Star Wars Tales Of The Jedi: The Sith War series, Golden Age Of The Sith series, Fall Of The Sith Empire series & Jedi Academy: Leviathan mini-series in collaboration with prolific writer/novelist Kevin J. Anderson. In 2002, he teamed up with Aaron T. Nelson, a budding writer and they co-created MARLOW, published by Arcana Studio and JOE DOOGAN: Zombie Hunter published by Digital Webbing.

At present Dario, as a founder of a non-profit organization called Comics For A Cause, is busy spreading awareness about this cause and how anyone can support the campaign by buying CFAC branded campaign comic books and t-shirts. The net proceeds of the sales go to The Canadian Red Cross for the Alberta Floods Relief.

artist alley guest #14 Justin Heggs

Husband, Father, Comic Book Writer.

artist alley guest #13 … Neil Lalonde

neil lives in calgary, a place on earth. He coloured SOUTHPAW for challenger comics and has a webcomic called but it last updated in like, January, so there’s that. Right now he’s writing and drawing a six issue series he’s hoping to have out next year, as well as obsessing over Pierce Brosnan on twitter.

artist alley guest #12 Ben Rankel

Ben Rankel is a Canadian designer, illustrator and comic artist. He worked on some popular webcomics for half a decade before deciding he wanted to draw comic books. Now he’s working on that. He hasn’t won any awards or anything yet but he’s pretty good at twitter.

artist alley guest #11….Nick Johnson

Sporting a spring fresh Bachelor of Design degree from ACAD, Nick Johnson is currently a freelance illustrator living in Calgary AB. In 2003, he co-founded the independent comic book label Vicious Ambitious which self-published graphic anthologies and several short films. He has provided voice work for animated films, commercials and radio plays and is known to fiddle with a bass guitar while brandishing short shorts. Current artistic inspiration is found in horror films, contemporary literature, spaghetti westerns and the ghosts of utopia. His work can be found online at

artist alley guest #10….. Vic Malhotra

Vic Malhotra is a Canadian comic book artist. He is currently illustrating the comic book adaptation of the Joe Hill novella Thumbprint, being released by IDW. You may also know Vic’s work from Tiger Lawyer with writer Ryan Ferrier and Murder Book with writer Ed Brisson.
He currently resides in Edmonton. You may find him digging in the long boxes in any of Edmonton’s comic book shops for unknown gems by past illustrators

Special guest of honour Riley Rossmo !!!!

Riley Rossmo is a Canadian comic book artist and illustrator, known for his work on various Image Comics titles, as well as Marvel Comics’ Daken: Dark Wolverine. Originally from Saskatoon, SK, Rossmo now lives in Calgary, AB and is a sessional instructor at the Alberta College of Art and Design.